If you get a traffic ticket while driving a commercial vehicle in Pennsylvania, you could lose your CDL. We often represent drivers who receive citations for traffic violations.

According to the Trucking Truth, truck drivers may receive a traffic ticket for distracted driving if your use of a phone or other device while behind the wheel falls into one of the following scenarios.

Reaching and holding

Keeping your full attention on the road is critical for safety. If you must maneuver into a position that requires that you remove the seatbelt and are no longer in a driving position, the law considers it “reaching,” distracting you from the road. If you are holding the phone, only one hand can be on the wheel, diverting your focus from the road.

Dialing and texting

If you must press more than a single button on a portable electronic or mobile device while driving, the law views it as dialing. The same is true for sending a text, email or accessing a webpage. Retrieving and reading an electronic message on a mobile device can result in a citation for distracted driving.

However, if your mobile device and situation meet the following criteria, you meet the recommended guidelines:

  • It is operable and located near you so that you can remain in the driving position
  • You can use the speaker or earpiece
  • You can answer, initiate or terminate communication using voice-activated or one-button touch features

Multiple convictions in three years for serious traffic offenses, such as distracted driving, can result in the suspension of your CDL for 60 days or more. It is critical that you understand your options if you have alleged traffic violations.