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Aggressively Fighting Lane Change Violations

There are various lane change violations under the Motor Vehicle Code that are simply a small $25 fine and costs (plus points) to the average driver. However, such a lane change violation can be disastrous for a truck driver with a CDL.

Certain lane change violations by a truck driver in a commercial motor vehicle are considered “Serious Traffic Offenses.” These include improper lane changes under Motor Vehicle Code sections:

  • § Section 3304 – Overtaking vehicle on the right
  • § Section 3305 – Limitations on overtaking on the left
  • § Section 3306 – Limitations on driving on left side of roadway
  • § Section 3307 – No-passing zones
  • § Section 3309 – Driving on roadways laned for traffic

Any of the lane change violations above are considered a serious traffic violation if committed in a commercial vehicle.

The Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Act has forced states to adopt far stricter requirements for truck drivers. As adopted in Pennsylvania, a truck driver convicted of any two “Serious Traffic Offenses” in a three-year period will be DISQUALIFIED from driving a commercial vehicle for 60 days!

Three or more serious traffic offenses in a three-year period will result in a 120 day DISQUALIFICATION!

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